The Ministry of Energy and Mines of Guatemala has given the rights granted to the company U.S. Geothermal Guatemala to build a geothermal power plant in an area covering 10,000 hectares in the Ceibillo, Amatitlán, nearly 23 miles southwest of the capital country.

In the given area, close to the Pacaya volcano, there are nine geothermal wells, drilled during the 90s, with depths ranging from 170 to 610 meters, two of which are currently producing steam for the local industry use.

Indeed, Ceibillo is located in an industrial area with easy access to major distribution lines and electrical transmission.

According the geophysical and technical data, six of these nine wells are known to have temperatures ranging from 185 º C to 204 ° C. In addition, samples of fluid and rock cuttings suggest a reserve heat deeper and more permeable, with temperatures ranging from 210 º C to 230 ° C.

As announced in a statement, U.S. Geothermal Guatemala has already completed the previous deposit, and made the transmission and environmental studies for the project. The planning and future studies also include the exploration and testing of at least four additional prospects that include fumaroles and hot springs that are within the concession area.

General Studies show that Guatemala has a large untapped potential of geothermal energy up to 4000 MW.

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