Researchers at Purdue University have developed a biofuel processing facility to be built on a mobile platform. The new system could convert agricultural waste into biofuel and biomass in the same place, which would reduce the cost of transporting biomass to a central refinery.

In an information supplied from the actual site of the university, says that by using a rapid method called hidropirolisis – hidrodeoxigenación, hydrogen is added to mobile reactor biomass processing.

Once the biomass and hydrogen are within the high pressure reactor, which in seconds can reach temperatures up to 482 º C needed for the processing of biodiesel.

Basically, this is a garbage truck that can do the job, the investigators anticipate that will reduce the transport of liquid fuels from biomass in large quantities. Moreover, “the important thing is that you can process all types of biomass available: wood chips, corn stover, rice husks, wheat straw, etc..” Says chemical engineer Rakesh Agrawal, the research team.

It is also true that these researchers argue that this idea has already been patented, will have to prove their worth in the laboratory before dawn on the market.

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