The company Pastorale Winds SA plans a wind farm that will have an estimated 27 turbines of 1.8 MW each, which will have an installed capacity of 48.6 MW. The project, which covers some 8400 hectares, is located in the department of Flores, in the southeast of the country”, in the spot Villa Pastora, 6 km from the town of Ismael Cortinas.

The wind farm “Pastorale” has a minimum operational life estimated at 21 years, and estimates can be expanded to 150 MW. The beginning of construction of the wind farm is estimated by 1 March 2012.

According to estimates, the annual average wind speed measured at 100 m above the ground indicates levels of 7.4 m / s. These measurements are based on more than one year of measurements made by SoWiTec. These results showed an average production rate of 164 134 MW / h per year.

Last days took place in the Village Center District of Ismael Cortinas project the public hearing, at which representatives of the company informed the neighbors SoWiTec issues related directly or indirectly with the project, as well as the benefits and possible negative aspects that could imply.

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