Following the implementation of which happens to be, on today, the largest offshore wind farm in the world, in Thanet, 300 MW wind power in the British Isles has already passed five gigawatts (5 GW) according to the National Association of renewables, RenewableUK (formerly British Wind Energy Association, BWEA). Thanet connection coincides with the launch of Crystal Rig Overland Park, 200 MW.

Both facilities have agreed on the schedule to increase by five hundred megawatts, in just a few days, the British national wind farm. Thanet, opened on September 23, has been built and is owned by the Swedish electrical utility Vattenfall, which has invested nearly 900 million in its development. Located seven miles off the coast of Kent, in southeast England, has a total of one hundred wind turbines Vestas Distrubed V-90 about 35 square miles, in total, form the largest marine park in the world with 300 MW of power.

For its part, the connection of Crystal Rig II constitutes proof that “ground projects could and should contribute to meeting the targets for renewable energy in the UK”, according to Nick Emery, spokesman for the developer and owner of the park Fred Olsen Renewables. Simultaneous connection of the five thousand megawatts has also been very well received by RenewableUK. Thus, and as its head, Maria McCafery, “the 5 GW mark an important milestone for two reasons: we approach our goal by 2010 [that 10% of electricity is from renewable sources] and show that the sector increasingly takes less time to install one megawatt.”

Apart from these five gigawatts newly connected, United Kingdom currently has with another eighteen gigabytes of wind power on the road, ie the planning pipeline, with administrative approval or under construction.

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