Orders are orders. Two months after the U.S. Department of Defense has ordered the 4 branches (land, air, navy, marines ) to reduce
by 34% greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, the Navy is already being put in order of the energy battle.

On April 6, the Department of the Navy has partnered with the Department of Agriculture to study the feasibility of producing enough biofuel to power much of the U.S. fleet of ships and the bodies of Marines.

Quite a market for farmers, especially sugarcane. In 2020, half of the two fleets will consume fuel from plants. Meanwhile, the Navy will develop electric motors for its buildings. A few weeks ago, it has commissioned the USS Makin Island, an assault ship powered by gas turbines and electric motors. The competitor hybrid French Mistral is already much more sober than its sister ships.

The sailors effort will not only end on boats. Since 2015, half of the 50,000 land vehicles of the Navy will be electric, flex-fuel or hybrid. For the army of Uncle Sam, the era of the post-oil era has already begun.

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