An Italian company has developed Tegolasolare red clay tiles that resemble traditional clay tiles, but except that they have incorporated photovoltaic modules.

Recent advances in photovoltaic technology are encouraging for manufacturers, distributors and installers who are here for ways to better integrate solar panels on roofs. Tegolasolare and think that installing solar panels in the traditional tiles could well solve the problem of insertions of modern elements in traditional architecture.

By eliminating the external structures visually disturbing, the guaranteed result is a seamless integration of the photovoltaic system to the roof of the building. A simple, innovative solution to be adopted for any type of roof, even for those who must comply with standards and regulations on buildings of historical town centers.

The basic principle with which we carry out a “Tegolasolare” is that of a tile, both in form and in the material. A solar panel consists of four cells is inserted on the ceramic tile paste. By connecting each panel to the next, it creates a real photovoltaic plant that can cover any size roof and reach the desired maximum extension.

According to the company, “Tegolasolare is mounted as an ordinary tile, ensuring a very stable coverage. She believes that a roof of 40 m² covered with these tiles will be able to produce about 3 kW of power. The roof coated with this type of tile allows the replacement of one or several damaged panels, adaptation over time with more technologically advanced boards, good scalability and low visual impact.

During construction or renovation of the roof, it will provide a conduit for cons to get the appropriate connection cables between the panels and inverter board or table interface.

The main technical characteristics of Tegolasolare:

• Size of tile: 46×46 cm;
• Format of the photovoltaic panel (monocrystalline silicon): 29×29 cm;
• 7 tiles per m2;
• Power of 11 Wp per Tegolasolare;
• Weight 6 kg

Main technical characteristics of the photovoltaic panel:

• Power 11 Watt Photovoltaic
• Weight approx 1000g
• Electrical data: 1 V-10 amp

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