The Japanese automaker has announced that cumulative worldwide sales of Toyota Prius, which qualifies as “first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle produced in series in the world”, have passed the two million mark, “with approximately 2,012,000 units sold in late September.”

“Prius has consolidated more than 70 countries and its presence is particularly strong in Japan and North America,” according to Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). Launched in Japan in 1997, this model started shipping in Europe, America and other markets in 2000. The second generation was launched in 2003 and third in 2009. The latter employs the so-called Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II), which incorporates a device for reducing engine speed. According to TMC, over 90% of the THS II components have been redesigned for the third generation to achieve a fuel efficiency leader in the world, just 3.9 liters per hundred kilometers (combined cycle), and a driving performance similar to those that provide a motor vehicle with a conventional 2.4-liter in size.”

Based on sales figures collected up to September 30, 2010, TMC believes that Prius around the world have prevented about 11 million tons of CO2 (compared to what was supplied by petrol vehicles of the same category and size and with similar driving performance). Toyota has set a goal to “sell a million a year for hybrid vehicles as soon as possible during this decade.” The latest generation of the iconic Toyota-Prius hybrid in Latin means “go ahead” – has four driving modes selectable with “a very advanced and innovative equipment such as ventilation system with solar energy.”

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