The Royal Air Force (RAF) has more wind turbines in the collimator. So far, the British air force opposed to most offshore wind projects for defense matters. The air defense radars, deployed by the RAF are not able to distinguish the signatures issued by the blades of wind turbines in motion between aircraft approaching the Albion at low altitude. Until Loockeed Martin proposed the TPS 77, a radar capable of making the distinction between “Friends and Foes.” Problem: the machine is, at minimum, 20 million pounds (23 million euro), an amount that the British Ministry of Defence does not intend to pay.

After months of negotiations, a gentlemen’s agreement has finally been concluded recently. The ministry of energy and climate, the Crown Estate (the agency managing the seabed up to 12 miles) Scirea Offshore Energy, Centrica and NPower Warwick will fund the installation of the new radar at the Remote Radar Head Trimingham (County Norfolk). In return, the pilots of his majesty should lift its veto on many park projects offshore. According to estimates made by British professionals, more than 3,200 megawatts (MW) of wind energy could thus arise seas in the coming months.

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