The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) held a series of events during the last quarter of the year that will address the burning issues for the wind sector.

The October 25 AEE organized a seminar in Madrid on the wind and the Electricity Market in order to analyze the impact of high wind penetration in the electricity market.

Will also address the impact on price formation, market adjustment and the development of production constraints to wind turbines, which have been increased in recent months.

AEE has seen fit to organize this event and an analysis open to all interested parties of price developments and their impact on the viability of wind farms.

The forthcoming adoption of the Decree of security of supply of domestic coal and its potential impact on prices is also analyzed.

AEE and the School of Industrial and Civil Engineering, University of Las Palmas analyzed in this city of 8 to 9 November solutions for high wind penetration in island systems, both on the side of wind generation and the operation and management of system.

This initiative is part of the Technology Platform REOLTEC by the interest that the Canary Islands from the point of view of technological solutions, both the wind and the network.

And by the end of the year, AEE returns with a classic: its Technical Conference, this time they have chosen the Madrid stage. Days 1 and 2 December, will discuss key technical issues such as operation and maintenance of wind farms, the challenges of transportation and logistics and process automation to reduce costs, among others.

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