The year 2009 was very bad for photovoltaic solar energy. This statement has been heard over the last year in the mouths of those involved in the sector. First as forecast before the regulatory change approved by the Ministry of Industry in late September 2008, and later as a finding that the photovoltaic market contracted violently.

The first concern at what might happen in the photovoltaic industry grew at a paralysis that has already been quantified. The Photovoltaic Industry Association (ASIF) has announced the next day 22 of its Annual Report 2010. He’s entitled “Towards the international implementation of the Spanish PV.” And it is no coincidence that the balance of what happened last year name. ” According to ASIF no doubt that “a disastrous 2009 pushed the industry abroad.”

In the absence of knowing the full report, ASIF data provides two very significant in his view. First in 2009 the Spanish PV market was virtually paralyzed and their value fell 98.5% compared to 2008. And second that the industry operated in the best cases, to 25% capacity and had to export 75 % of its production. “In this unmitigated disaster,” says ASIF-“has been coupled with the regulatory uncertainty of recent months and the national and global economic crisis.” According to the Photovoltaic Industry Association “survival of the sector in Spain is seriously threatened.”

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