Vattenfall announced the completion of Thanet offshore wind farm located off the English coast of Kent (South East), currently considered the largest offshore installation in the world.

With 100 turbines, the Thanet offshore wind farm has a total installed capacity of 300 MW, which corresponds to annual electricity needs of over 200,000 households.

The installation of Thanet which cost a whopping 750 million pounds (895 million euros), is currently undergoing final testing by the Swedish operator Vattenfall.

The turbines are located in water depths between 20 and 25 meters and covers an area of 35 km2. Each turbine rises 115 meters tall with a base minimum of 22 meters above sea level The distance between the turbines is about 500 meters along the lines and 800 feet between rows. The nearest turbine is located 12 kms north-east of Foreness Point.

He is currently the largest offshore wind carrying the world until a more important project, based in London this time, do come to dethrone him. Indeed, the London Array project with a capacity of 1000 MW (340 turbines) will be the next step.

According to Vattenfall, “the Thanet offshore wind farm is a very large investment in wind energy to society. Its president and CEO, Øystein Loseth, will officially open the site on 23 September in the company among others, UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne.

Finally, note that on September 6, the “National Grid has revealed that 10% of UK electricity came from wind farms scattered across the various British territories.

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