The construction, operation and maintenance of Ain Beni Mathar project has been carried out by customer Abener ONE (Office National de l’Electricité). It is the world’s largest solar thermal technology ISCC (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle) with an output of 470 MW.

The ISCC that Abener has built in Ain Beni Mathar combines solar power and conventional generation. The solar field of CPC (parabolic trough) has a reflective surface useful for more than 180 000 square meters and has ability to generate 22 megawatts. The other remaining 450 MW come from a steam turbine (150 MW) and two gas (150 MW x 2).

The plant was officially inaugurated in a ceremony held on 12 May. The King of Morocco Mohamed VI was responsible for activating the operation of the plant, accompanied by Prince Moulay Rachid.

The event was attended by personalities from the other social and political development of Morocco such as Interior Minister  Mr. Taib Chekaoui, Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment, Ms. Amina Benkhadra, the deputy general director ONE, Mr Allach Mohamedi, the Wali of the eastern region, Mr. Abdelfattah El Homam, Jerada Governor, Mr. Mustapha Aida, and the president of the commune, Mr. Mohamed Mansouri.

Representing Abener, company in charge of the construction, operation and maintenance of the plant, had the opportunity to greet His Majesty, the energy division director in February, Pedro Rodriguez Ramos, and the works manager, Adel Raihani. Abener is a company belonging to Abeinsa, head of Business Unit Engineering and Industrial Construction Abengoa.

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