The town of Presidio in west Texas has an old power line built in 1948 and remains connected to the central grid of the United States. So, to overcome the repeated failures of the line, the city decided to invest in a gigantic sodium battery.
The giant battery of 4 megawatts of power will work uninterrupted for eight hours.

The battery system which consists of 80 modules of 3.6 tons each were built by the Japanese company NGK-Locke.

The device represents the first Sodium Sulfur battery in Texas and the country’s largest. Residents of Presidio have already dubbed it “BOB”, an abbreviation for “Big Old Battery.”

The government body in charge of electricity transmission network in Texas participated in financing of the proposed battery and cashed out about $25 million, it has also accepted biulding by 2012 of the second line of 100 km with a budget of $44 million.

This battery will also serve as a testbed for utilities seeking to store energy from intermittent energy sources such as wind and solar. However, experts believe that we should not generalize this type of system to the detriment of the renovation of the grid which the Americans need.

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