70 acres in total. 45,000 square meters dedicated to manufacturing solar modules and all types of electric vehicles by Movand (from buses to bicycles), 11.500 square meters university area to train engineers and professionals in renewable energy; 20,220 square meters of office space and etc., etc., etc. Yes, it is called the “City of Energy” and the Spanish city of Seville will host it.

The media presentation, which took place this week, has been a successful call, as CreditAljaca, Seville is the company behind this formidable project. The numbers did not portend the same otherwise. Because the “City of Energy” is proposed to be constructed in seventy acres of Sevilla’s many thousands of square feet dedicated to renewable energy. Thus, knowledge areas (the city includes a large university campus), the industrial base and test facilities (in Seville there will be electric vehicles, photovoltaic modules, solar lanterns factories); and an entire business park. Oh, and it wants to be a Zero CO2 city, that is, they want to consume only clean energy.

The concept of “City of Energy” is defined, according to its promoters, “as an indivisible whole in terms of three basic aspects: training and continuing vocational training in all matters relating to renewable energy, research, development and innovation in the sector; and manufacturing and value of the two preceding paragraphs. According to CreditAljaca, the village will also be promoted by the headquarters of the Cluster Strategic Energy, which operation “will be based on collaboration between companies and partners from the technological, institutional, regulatory, industrial, educational and business fields to obtain the benefits of synergies between them.”

According to CreditAljaca, the whole village is seen as “standing pilot” with smart energy management networks, extrapolated to any municipality, which will incorporate continuing advances in the field. Furthermore, the villa walls will be lined with photovoltaic buildings, cooling systems that operate through low-temperature geothermal facilities, streetlights autonomous discharging excess energy to the network test facilities for wind turbines, a solar park of 30,550 square meters, a 3 MW solar power plant, 87,500 square meters of surface parking will be covered with canopies with photovoltaic modules, and so on.

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