The Romanian network operator (Transelectrica) has given the green light to Iberdrola to connect 1,500 MW to the country’s electricity network. The Spanish company describes this project as “the most ambitious in the field of onshore wind energy developed so far in the world.”

Iberdrola, which opened offices in Bucharest in 2009, develops its projects with Romania Dobrogea Wind Company. This year the Spanish company plans to build its first wind farm in the country: Mihai Viteazu Park, 80 MW, which is not part of the proposed 1,500 MW.

According to the Spanish company, authorized the project now called Dobrogea, “includes the implementation of 50 wind farms.” Iberdrola said the company is already working in the Eastern Europe. It develops projects “in Poland, Hungary, Estonia and Bulgaria, and some wind measurements have been made in Russia.”

Dobrogea Project will be implemented in the eponymous region in southeast Romania. The company intends to build 50 parks between 2011 and 2017. Iberdrola Renovables works in Romania in collaboration with Dobrogea Wind Company, owned by the Swiss engineering group NEK Umwelttechnik AG and Romanian companies C-Tech Srl and Rokuro Srl.

The company, a pioneer in his country in the development of renewable projects, is responsible for promoting the same-planning and obtaining construction permits-while Iberdrola Renovables is responsible for the construction and operation of wind turbines .

According to Iberdrola, the authorized project has a potential to generate enough power “to supply electricity to about one million households, also avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of 2.6 million tonnes of CO2.”

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