The European and Spanish top officials in civil aviation has decided that Spain lead the coordination of a network to ensure security of energy supply and environmental improvement of air operations, which includes the use of biofuels. Spain also has its program of production and consumption of “biokerosene.”

The Ministry of Development released some of the agreements reached at the European forum which had the goal of establishing “mechanisms and means to facilitate coordination and exchange of information on the development and use of alternative fuels and biofuels for aviation in Europe.” There were representatives of civil aviation of the 27 Member States of the European Union, Directorate of Transport of the European Commission, Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and of industry, airlines and manufacturers.

The most important initiative that came out of the forum was the creation of a network to ensure security of energy supply and the environmental improvement of air operations through “diversification of sources of aviation fuel in the field of biofuels” says the note of Development. Spain, through the Ministry of Public Works and EFSA, will lead the coordination of initiatives at European level of the network, by developing a forum to gather all available information and promotes the exchange and sharing between Member States and relevant players in the sector.

Spain has its “biokerosene”
The conclusions of the forum held Tuesday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Development and under the Spanish presidency of the EU, these agreements “will the first steps to address the need for greater coordination in the field European Community and national initiatives undertaken by States, thereby promoting the development and use of alternative fuels in the airline industry.”

In the presentation section of positions and initiatives of each State, the Agency, on behalf of Spain, announced its proposal to develop a national program that includes the production and consumption of “biokerosene” medium term “from a comprehensive view of the implementation of biofuels in aviation.” In addition, bilateral meetings were held with the Italian authorities in order to reach a collaborative agreement to develop biofuels for the same sector.

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