The system is currently only commercially available in Sweden and Spain, although next year will introduce Soltech Energy in the U.S. market.

Energy Soltech of Sweden has been awarded for the development of an innovative glass tiles. These tiles do not make use of active solar technology, as do solar photovoltaic panels or solar panels, but squeezing a very interesting but little known passive solar technology.

These tiles can be installed in a traditional deck using conventional methods and its duration is much higher than the typical clay or cement.

These novel tiles are particularly suitable in cold climates where they get quickly melting snow and ice accumulated well. They have recently won the Hottest New Materials Fair 2010 in the North Building (North Building Fair, Nordbygg).

How does the system work? The air circulating under the roof is heated by the sun and is redirected to a central heating system. Works with common heating systems, whether based on air or water, including heat pumps, biomass boilers, diesel or electric.

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