Thanks to donation the Homeward Bound shelter will help more people, due to received solar panels from Alasta Solar.

The panels are installed on the roof of the shelter and feed into the building’s regular electric supply.

Alasta Solar says the power generated by the panels will probably cover about 25% of homeward bound’s electric needs.

“The savings will be somewhere between 800 and 1000 a year,” says Lou Villaire of Alasta.

“If you think about it, takes $12.50 a night for us to provide shelter, two meals and a hot shower,” says Gi Moon of Homeward Bound. “For 100 a month we’re able to accommodate that many more people, almost ten more people.”

Moon says not only will the new panels save the shelter money, they will help it become more energy efficient.

Many tax incentives are available for homes and businesses that take advantage of solar power. If the power your panels generate is more than what you need, the electric company will pay you for the extra power.

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