According to a report by the American Solar Energy Society, photovoltaic installations grew 40% in 2009 and this year is expected to reach even double. It is considered the country has 1.25 GW of PVs installed. It also ensures there that renewables and energy efficiency technologies generate more than 9 million jobs and over 1 billion dollars in revenue.

The report says that by 2030, if the aggressive policies of developing programs continued and supported by the federal government and many institutions in the field, there could be generated 37 million “green” jobs, which would mean 17% of workforce and more than 4.3 billion dollars of income.

In 2009, there were installed 435 MW PV, with over 33,000 installations, a 76% increase over the previous year and four times the amount of solar power installed in 2006.

Residential PV facilities accounted for 36% growth of 2009, a significantly higher percentage of 27% in 2008.

Meanwhile, non-residential photovoltaic installations, including government buildings, military facilities and retail stores, accounted for 49 percent of solar installations in 2009.

PV systems installed in 2009 were concentrated in five states: California, New Jersey, Florida, Colorado and Arizona. The solar electricity market more than doubled in New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Massachusetts and Texas, with Florida going from 16th to 3rd for photovoltaic installations. California has the highest PV capacity per capita, 20.8 watts, almost five times the national average is 4.2 watts per capita.

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