Oerlikon Solar on Wednesday launched the new production line “ThinFab” for module manufacturing silicon thin film, which will carry the cost of production broke all records of 0.50 euro per watt peak (Wp).

In addition, Oerlikon Solar has developed a new laboratory cell Micromorph® Champion in collaboration with Corning Incorporated with a stabilized efficiency of 11.9% confirmed by NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). The two world records reinforce the competitiveness of the technology of silicon thin Micromorph® Oerlikon Solar and confirm its potential.

“Our work could be a breakthrough technology for silicon thin film of Oerlikon Solar,” said Michael Buscher, President and CEO of Oerlikon Group. “We are proud that our new ThinFab offers a highly competitive production line on the solar market and to have confirmed the superior potential of our technology.”

  • The new channel ThinFab incorporates a wide range of improvements with a head start on the technology roadmap of Oerlikon Solar:
  • The new generation equipment based PECVD, TCO and Laser
  • Structures with thinner cell degradation and reduced gas consumption
  • A stabilized module efficiency of 10% (143 Wp per module)
  • A new module design, low voltage equipment based on a new simplified backbone

The chain ThinFab reduces the payback period of energy modules of silicon thin film less than a year, with the lowest energy production plants photovoltaic sector.

“Our skills are integrated into our new string ThinFab and will change the perception of the technology of silicon thin film. The efficiency of 10% of our modules environmental non-toxic, combined with production costs the lowest ever made, offers entirely new opportunities in the solar sector. On the other hand, our cell champion at 11.9% efficiency stabilized further confirms the potential of the technology of silicon thin film, “says Dr. Jurg Henz, CEO of Oerlikon Solar. “In addition, our technology offers the energy payback time lowest compared to other technologies and crystal is not based on limited resources.

Oerlikon Solar says in conclusion, that these existing customers will benefit many technical improvements and (it) gradually introduce updates, improving performance, performance, and efficiencies of its existing production lines.

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