Sify Technologies Limited, a leader in enterprise data services and consumer Internet with global delivery capabilities; and Solar Living Institute, a US-based, non-profit organization that promotes renewable energy and sustainable living through quality education and training programs, announced today the launch of their first online training course titled ‘PV Design and Installation Training’. The course, developed for the US market and currently in English, shall soon be translated and localized for markets across the globe including India, China, and Latin America.

John Schaeffer, Chairman of the SLI Board and Founder, said, “It gives me great pleasure that we are taking a big step toward making this planet cleaner and greener. For over 15 years, the Solar Living Institute has been offering our PV Design and Installation training at our 12-acre sustainability center in Northern California. We are happy to take another stride in our journey toward sustainability not only by going “paperless” but also by encouraging people to learn more and travel less, saving fossil fuels, time and money. Thanks to our great partners at Sify, and with the help of numerous PV industry experts, this training helps participants specialize in PV design and installation and prepares them for careers in the rapidly growing solar energy field. We are particularly proud to announce that this online training course has been accredited by the Institute for Sustainable Power, a globally respected accreditation authority. As such, many of our online students will be able to take the examination offered by the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals, an important entry-level credential for the solar industry.”

Devraj Shetty, Business Head, Sify eLearning Services, Sify, said, “We are indeed delighted to partner with SLI for the best in online teaching, learning and training tools and applications in the area of renewable energy. Sify and SLI share the mission of improving the efficacy of teaching and learning in the ever-expanding areas of renewable energy and sustainable business practices. To do this, we bring state-of-the-art learning content interspersed with interactive 3D simulations, integrative exercises, and real-life scenarios that are guaranteed to develop knowledge and skills in a short span of time via use of social networking tools and new media technologies. Renewable energy training is certain to become amongst the fastest growing training domains – Sify and SLI are well positioned to collaborate and develop the best online training materials available in this field.”

This unique collaboration will result in Sify and SLI working together to develop and rollout a variety of eLearning courses that range from technical training to sales, marketing, finance and sustainable personal and business practices for a green and sustainable future for all.

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