Siemens said it had received an order for 43 wind turbines, model SWT-2.3-101, a power of 2.3 MW bound for Greenwich Park located near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
In November 2009, Siemens already mandated to deliver 43 wind turbines of the same type for Talbot Park, near Chatham, Ontario, which is scheduled to start operating in December 2010.

The buyer of these 86 wind turbines with a combined capacity to almost 200 megawatts (MW) is Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Canada. Once completed, these wind farms would provide clean energy to over 60 000 homes in Canada.

“Canada represents an important market for Siemens wind energy. The five wind turbine orders totaling nearly 600 MW we received across the country over the last six months clearly demonstrate the success that we’re achieving,” said Bill Smith, Vice-President of Siemens Canada.” If we include the two Canadian wind farms commissioned in 2008, Siemens turbines have the potential to provide clean power to approximately 240 000 Canadian households,” he says.

According to the World Council of wind energy, Canada’s wind industry has experienced a record year in 2009, in terms of development of energy capacity, with wind turbines installed in eight provinces that can produce up to 950 MW in total – placing Canada in Top 10 countries in terms of the new production capacity added this year.

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