The consortium BorWin2 (Siemens and Prysmian Powerlink) will connect two wind farms in the North Sea to the German grid. Veja Mate Marine parks and Global Tech 1 (800 MW) will be “plugged in” to the network via an undersea cable that will carry the energy in high voltage direct current (HVDC). According to Siemens, the use of HVDC technology reduces transmission losses.

The order, valued at 500 million euro, according to Siemens, the German company has made the transmission of electricity. “Connecting to the network BorWin two seas is a major project where we can apply our extensive experience and all the knowledge we possess in this area,” said Udo Niehage, executive director of the division of Siemens Power Transmission Energy. According to statement from Siemens, as well, “the offshore wind power substation Wipos Siemens will be designed as a floating platform, which will be towed to and installed offshore in water depths of 40 meters.”

Wind power will be evacuated via submarine and taken to the mainland by cable, Diele, near Papenburg, where a substation on land the DC reconverted to AC for onward transmission and distribution network in the 400-kV AC. The design and engineering phase BorWin completed by mid February 2011. The substation will be built on land in 2011 and the installation of the platform is planned for mid 2012. All wiring is to be completed also in 2010. The entire transmission is scheduled to begin operations in 2013.

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