The new factories in the U.S., Canada and China will lead to “a strong impact on wind energy markets.”

Siemens has invested 100 million euros in the open wind turbine plant in Canada and China, which will manufacture nacelles for wind turbines in the first and blades for wind turbines in China, and announced new investments in India.

Siemens also announced that production plants will soon build wind turbines in the United Kingdom, India and China, in addition to carrying out in Russia a strategic joint venture for the production of components for wind turbines.

Thus, the new factories in Canada and China will lead to “a strong impact on wind energy markets.”

In addition, by 2020 China expects to have installed wind turbines with a capacity of 150,000 MW, which would triple the capacity currently available throughout Europe.

In this sense, the CEO of the renewable energy division of Siemens, René Umlauft, explained that they hope to have “two or three years” with twelve production plants in seven countries wind turbines, since according to CEO the same firm, Wolfgang Dehen, “green energy, like wind, offering excellent future prospects”, where he has predicted that the global market for wind power “will grow from the present 30,000 million euros to the 216,000 million in 2030 “.

Electric vehicle with lithium batteries do not emit CO2 or damage the environment if the electricity comes from renewables such as wind, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal or thermal. Wind turbines can supply electricity to electric vehicles in the future will also serve to store and regulate the electricity intermittent wind energy sector.

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