Designed by Peter Yeadon and Martina Decker, the project “Sanctuary of Light” is supposedly a surge of ribbons intertwined in the vast desert, located on the site of Ras Al Khor, Dubai.

But this is not just any ribbons, they are made of thin film solar cells designed to take advantage of the tremendous solar resources in desert areas of Dubai (UAE).

The project focuses on a new type of dyes sensitive to light and designed for thin film solar cells. These fully lining the walls that wind and undulate through the desert, suspended 6 meters above the ground.

It will take about 40 kms solar tapes – which are each 10 feet high – to cover an area of 80,000 m2. The annual solar energy project is estimated at more than 4,500 MWh (or 16 530 gigajoules).

The choice of a vertical orientation of the ribbons solar optimizes production capacity of thin film modules semi-translucent. It enables production of energy over a longer period, throughout the day and an active angle of 140°. Verticality then minimizes the accumulation of sand and dust. Moreover, the flexibility of the tape increases the latter’s ability to vibrate and thus to maintain the cleanliness of equipment. Finally, compared with silicon solar panels, solar cells in thin layers perform much better in conditions of extreme heat.

Besides the technical aspect, this work of art simulates a mirage and creates a visual experience. The original building has solar intended to cause to future visitors, a positive conversation on the theme of renewable technologies. The facility also has the distinction of being suspended in the air, thus reducing its impact on the environment and fix it in a space between earth and sky.

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