The one knock on wind energy is that it is not portable. Until recently, there were few if any portable devices that were available to literally take wind power on the go. That is changing quick as there are several “back-pack” style devices that are on the market. The Rose Wind Turbine is the latest invention to be introduced to this ever growing energy niche. The Rose Wind Turbine is a small portable device that is small enough to fit into the trunk of the car and barely be noticed. However, once this portable wind turbine comes out, it is sure to turn heads.

The design itself was influenced by…. A rose of course! The really sexy thing about the Rose Wind Turbine – it is quiet. Wind turbines are notorious for making a lot of noise. Anyone who is up to date on the recent headlines that are associated with wind turbines will have seen the piles of complaints about how much noise they produce. While this is obviously not 325 feet tall and would be much quieter anyway, it hardly creates a whisper.

It is perfect for camping trips, to keep outdoor lights glowing or even to provide a power source for a radio or television out in the back yard. Imagine going to the beach on a Saturday afternoon and bringing your portable TV with you and not missing an inning of the game. Up until now, the only way to do this was with a solar briefcase or some other type of solar device.

No other renewable energy source is growing like wind power, but that may be the equivalent of Irish Whiskey growing in the alcohol market. It does not yet have a large hold in the energy sector, but inventions such as this that make the energy quieter or more portable will surely change that soon enough.

rose wind turbine

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  1. Looks interesting. I’d like to get more techical details but as far as I know even there’s no further details even on the designer’s webpage 🙁

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