The main attraction at North America’s auto show last week were electric cars and hybrids.

Environment Oregon released a report Friday that stressed the importance of plug-in cars. Industry leaders, including Eugene-based Arcimoto, say the current economic and environmental times show the need to re-vamp America’s transportation system.

The two-year-old business is preparing to launch the Pulse next year. The CEO says the three-wheel commuter car will meet rising consumer demand for lower global warming emissions and oil consumption. He says demand is rising as fuel prices go up.

“So, I think that’s why we saw such a huge collapse in automotive, is that as soon as fuel prices started to move upwards, the types of vehicles they were focused on producing were just no longer relevant in the marketplace,” said Arcimoto Founder & CEO Mark Frohnmayer.

Arcimoto is also working with state legislators to get help for building the cars and to create special electric vehicle roads. Legislators expect to start drafting bills next year.

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