On April 26 the City of Huningue, in north-eastern France, held the official inauguration of the PV plant installed on the roofs of the House of Sports.

This installation made in partnership between the City of Huningue and Hunélec, public electricity company, has a peak power of about 82 kW.

To accommodate photovoltaic panels, the House of Sport, which has a larger surface area available and a southern orientation of the three roofs, was selected to host the panels. The 645 m² equipped with 390 solar panels will produce the equivalent to annual electricity consumption of about 25 families.

The digital screen attached to the front of the House of Sport will show the main plant data, especially the production instantaneous and cumulative, and the indication of the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere prevented by the installation.

This facility will also educate residents of Huningue on environmental issues, and encourage them to engage, to turn in projects that will be supported by existing aid schemes (tax credits, regional aid, etc).

Quantified Summary:

Total area of photovoltaic modules: 645 m²
Total power: 81.9 kWp
Estimated annual electricity production: 80,000 kWh
CO2 avoided in 20 years 140 tons

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