About two months ago there were a lot of talking about the concept of floating wind farms, which sparked some interesting reactions. Today, a similar proposal is reported that was unveiled late April by the Danish company “Floating Power Plant” at the Nordic Green II Conference in California.

The project is already at an advanced stage and a prototype is under construction.

To stay afloat, the power generator nicknamed Poseidon 37 is 230 feet long using the same technology as the offshore oil platforms

Weighing 30,000 tons, the commercial version could include three wind turbines of 1.5 megawatts.

Float absorbs inherent waves energy and by using a pump with a dual function, the latter compresses the water which is then sent through a turbine generating electricity. The unusual shape of the float provides for its maximum wave energy absorption.

In addition to being physically stable, the platform should be financially profitable. Wave energy associated with the installation of wind turbines on offshore platform should ensure a stable energy production.

The developers hope that the platform will be able to produce annually approximately 50 GWh of renewable energy (hydro + wind). The company estimates the cost of energy for the Poseidon plant to be of 10-15 cents / kWh that directly competes with the rates charged in Europe.

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