Enerqos Spa, an Italian specialist in the production of large photovoltaic plants, has signed a new joint venture in Israel: GEM Solar.

This will be done in collaboration with two local companies active in the photovoltaic sector and in the design of solar power: Ginergia Ltd. and Menorah Group.

This new initiative is part of the internationalization strategy Enerqos on the market, strong growth of solar photovoltaics. This joint venture will benefit from the opportunities of the Israeli market, its attractive feed-in tariffs, an excellent solar resource and a highly dynamic sector (350 MWp over the next three years).

GEM Solar will build on the combined expertise of three companies. The company Enerqos will bring its own expertise of the EPC Contractor has it developed through the implementation of over 25 MWp of photovoltaic solar power.

“We believe we have selected the best partners to meet the challenge of this new market that is so promising that of Israel. We will benefit from the skills and expertise of Ginergia already very active in the residential PV market, both in terms of engineering as its ability to cover the land commercially. For its part, the Menorah Group will provide experience in the telecommunications and electronics, “said Giovanni Landi, vice president of marketing systems in Enerqos and member of the board of directors of the new company.

This partnership is the recent development in international group has undertaken Enerqos and allowed him to expand to other Mediterranean countries like France and Greece, where he created his own subsidiaries in Cyprus and also with the construction of a new plant 1MWc.

The capital of the Joint Venture shall be distributed by GEM Solar in equal shares between the three shareholders.

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