The solar wind factory G24i in Wales will be the first in the world in making solar panels with wind power.

Despite the advantages of solar energy, there has been much criticism since the production of solar photovoltaic energy produce waste.

A UK company has created the first solar panel factory operated by wind energy.

The solar wind G24i factory in Wales will be the first in the world in making solar panels and wind power. G24i is making solar panels lighter, flexible to be added to bags and backpacks to recharge laptops, mobile phones and other devices.

At the end of the year, manufacture of these panels will be powered by a windmill than 120 meters high, the company will generate enough electricity to supply 1,700 households.

The company that will manufacture wind turbines is Ecotricity and its director, Dale Vince, said: “We are happy to build these wind farms for G24i. It is only the first, but also a glimpse of the future, at least for me is very exciting – the idea that we can use renewable energy without emitting CO2 to make devices that avail themselves of more renewable energy. ”

The idea of a factory operated with renewable energy for the construction of solar photovoltaic panels is a huge symbolic step.

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