Ontario has implemented the largest initiative on green energy in the history of Canada.

Under the guaranteed buyback program for renewable energy, 184 new contracts for major green energy projects of 500 kilowatts or more have been approved. This adds to the earlier announcement of 510 FiT projects. In total, these contracts could generate 2,500 megawatts, enough electricity to power 600,000 homes.

In addition, these projects mean the creation of thousands of jobs in this growing sector and investments representing about 9 billion Canadian dollars (over 6.7 billion euros) in the private sector.

The Prime Minister made the announcement in Cornwall, a town in the eastern Ontario, where 60 green energy projects representing a potential of 900 megawatts have just been approved. This includes three projects of 10 megawatts of solar energy in the region of Cornwall.

The Green Energy Act of Ontario is the government’s plan entitled “Ontario is open to the world.” It assures the power producers the stable prices, so they invest and create up to 50,000 jobs in Ontario.

“Ontario has a vision for green energy. Indeed, we will become a leader in North America. We have a dynamic practice to ensure the production, research and manufacturing of environmentally friendly production tools, which will create jobs in the growing industry, “said Dalton McGuinty,the Prime minister of Ontario.

“The green energy projects have the potential to give a boost to the local economy by generating jobs in construction, operation and maintenance. I am proud that our Government is investing in the future of the region by helping to improve the quality of life for our residents,” said Jim Brownell, MP of Stormont – Dundas – South Glengarry.

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