California has approved nine solar thermal power plants with a capacity of 4,100 MW in August, and Arizona and Nevada also built several solar thermal power plants.

The U.S. government issued guidelines to develop thermal and photovoltaic energy in the West, as part of efforts to achieve energy independence with renewable energy sources.

The document identifies 24 areas of public land, located in six states in which the home secretary, Ken Salazar, saw potential for developing solar power and photovoltaic energy without affecting the environment.

“We believe that common sense and provides a flexible framework through which the economy can grow with renewable energy,” said Salazar.

The administration of President Barack Obama intends to use solar thermal energy with large desert states like Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah, to produce a significant amount of electricity.

At the same time, enhances the development of wind farms on the East Coast, some on shore.

However, there are long delays in the execution of the works, pending the resolution of conflicts over environmental impact statements or financial viability.

In California and Nevada Department of Interior approved eight solar energy projects that will generate enough power for a million homes, but some 104 applications waiting in offices.

Electric vehicle with lithium batteries do not emit CO2 or damage the environment if the electricity comes from renewables such as wind, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal or thermal. Wind turbines can supply electricity to electric vehicles in the future will also serve to store and regulate the electricity intermittent wind energy sector.

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