Nur Energy, a company developing solar energy in the Mediterranean region, which is one of the most active markets in Europe, announced it has joined the Desertec Industrial Initiative (DII) as an associate partner.

“The strategy of Nur Energy is to build partnerships on the local markets in which we operate. The European Union will become an important export market for renewable energy in the future and the DII will be a key partner in creating framework conditions for export projects of renewable energy from North Africa to the European Union,” says Kevin Sara, the CEO of Nur Energy .

Nur Energy is already involved in developing a proposed Concentrated Solar Power plant in Greece and the largest building project with integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) on the roof of the port building in Marseilles .

“We analyzed 2 years of business opportunity plans to export solar energy from North Africa to Europe and we believe they are a greener option for the energy future, commercially viable, that less dependent on fossil fuels and volatile also creating opportunities for employment and economic development throughout the Maghreb region. We are delighted to work with the DII on the implementation of the first project at the earliest opportunity,” adds Dr. Till Stenzel, COO of Nur Energy .

As an associate partner of Desertec Nur Energy will focus on making contributions of expertise and experience in developing solar projects in the Maghreb region. The company’s goal is to develop the first project of solar energy export from North Africa to Europe including the high voltage DC cable (HVDC) across the Mediterranean.

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