Natural Power Concepts (NPC), a company based in Honolulu, innovates by unveiling a prototype of a mobile wind turbine, whose blades are also fully equipped with modem retractable solar panels.

Initially, the wind turbine has been designed specifically to weather storms. Indeed, most large-sized wind turbines can be placed in areas subject to heavy weather troubles. Thus there has emerged an idea to retract blades in closed position when the wind speed reaches a certain speed.

Due to the mobility and autonomy of the model, the company believes the system to be an ideal product for humanitarian missions or to rescue persons in affected areas. The military has also been tempted by this invention. NPC has obtained a licensing agreement with Oshkosh Defense, who will develop a larger model in the coming months.

The turbine has seven blades instead of three, to capture wind more effectively at low speeds. The wind and solar energy collected by the system will ultimately be stored in a battery pack.

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