Nissan Motor has announced the development of a rapid charger for its future new electric vehicles (Leaf) which will be available by this summer in Japan.
The price of the charger should be about half that set by other companies. Considering the current prices in Japan, the Nissan system should be marketed between ¥ 1.5 million to ¥ 2 million (or between 11 800 and 15 800 euros). The cargo terminal will be developed initially installed in about 200 outlets. The selected locations will be determined so as to cover the whole country. Thus, a single point of sale should cover a radius of 40 km to avoid the fear of a shortage of batteries.

“The electric vehicle Leaf has a range of nearly 160 miles per charge , “said Nissan.” So, for practical reasons, it might be sufficient to place charging stations every 80 miles. However, to remove all fears of users, the more the better. We believe that an interval of 40 km is a good compromise.”

The rapid charger specifications are based on those of the consortium Nippon CHAdeMO created in March 2010 . Specifically, the charger has a voltage of 500V, a maximum current of 125 A (DC) and maximum power of 50kW.

In addition, Nissan also announced it will provide a shipper “normal” voltage 200 V to approximately 2 200 outlets in Japan. In parallel printer, the company will launch a service that will install itself in a loading terminal each time a Leaf EV will be sold.

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