Thus proposes the “Generation Expansion Plan 2010-2017, which prompted President Daniel Ortega. The plan intends to increase the nominal capacity 597.7 MW hydro, geothermal 100 MW and 100 MW wind. This would mean 73% more capacity than today.

Under the bill, Nicaragua will export energy to the rest of Central America through the Electric Interconnection System for Central American Countries (SIEPAC), an ongoing project with an investment of $400 million (300 million euro).

Currently, the renewable component of the country’s energy matrix is 30%, 5% more than three years ago.

The government’s plan foresees that by 2017 there will be such a nominal capacity of 597.7 MW hydroelectric power will be divided into five hydroelectric projects under 30 MW (La Mora, 1.9 MW; The Sardinal, 1.2 MW; Pantasma 12.5 MW; Larreynaga, 17 MW, and El Salto, 25 MW) and three older than 30 MW (Tumarín, 220 MW, Brown, 250 MW, and Bobok, 70 MW).

Meanwhile, wind projects that will add 100 MW, will Amayo Phase II (23 MW); Eolo Nicaragua (37 MW) and The Faith of the Blue Power (40 MW).

The four geothermal projects, for a total of 100 MW will be El Hoyo-Monte Galan (20 MW); Managua Chiltepe (20 MW); Casita-San Cristóbal volcano (30 MW) and Telica volcano-El Najo (30 MW) .

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