The Assembly of European Regions (AER) and GE Energy have launched REFER (Responsible Energy for European Regions), a blog designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and debate on energy issues in all regions of Europe.

REFER provides the latest news on energy, analysis, commentary on the various regional energy markets, energy efficiency, regional sustainability, security of energy supply and public policy throughout Europe. But far from being just a publication, the new blog will allow the exchange of views and ideas between politicians, companies, researchers and citizens.

“Global warming is the greatest challenge of our generation and solve it is an opportunity to build a healthy future, sustainable and prosperous. This regional approach and includes extensive discussion of the multiple stakeholders in climate change, making it easier to reach a consensual agenda”, said Michele Sabban, AER President. “I invite all the active forces, politicians, civil society and citizens to unite and enrich this blog to help us improve the implementation of sustainable energy, which will benefit both the regions economy and quality of lives of our citizens.”

“Our goal is to support Europe in fulfilling its ambitious 20-20-20. In addition to offering our extensive portfolio of more efficient energy technologies and environmental concerns, supporting initiatives like this blog seeks to promote the development, growth and creating networks in all areas of energy. We want to encourage debate and share different points of view to increase awareness of what we can do today to build a sustainable future,” said Ricardo Cordoba, president of GE Energy Western Europe and Northern Africa .

REFER is a new joint venture between GE Energy and AER, which in 2009 initiated an innovative collaboration between public and private sectors in the energy sector to combat climate change at regional level. By joining forces now again, AER and GE Energy have created a single gateway in the world of these characteristics.

EAR and GE Energy in April 2010 organized the Day of the Regions of Europe Energy, where regional authorities and European energy experts discussed the energy challenges facing European regions today and their possible solutions. The meeting will be held annually  in Brussels.


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