This is an innovative prototype similar to those located in motorway areas to appear in 2011.

Wind ISM filed recently in the Masnou Pau Casals park (Catalonia, Spain) the prototype of the world’s first lamp that combines two energies: wind and solar. With innovative design work of the renowned French designer Philippe Starck, features a vertical shaft connected to a generator bladed and does not require any labor to install. The innovative light system comes into operation when it receives an order from a programmer equipped with a light sensor.

Thought to be released soon in the Masnou promenade, the Revolution Air, a trade name that receives the invention, has a cost of 2,500 euros “that pays 75% at the time and does not require any work or electrical connection points Álvaro Ibanez IGS manager detailing the gadget generates a light output of 600 watts and a range adaptable, in the case of the prototype presented yesterday is five days.

Equipped with lighting technology through minileds, the innovative energy-saving lamp allows for a kilowatt per hour, avoiding the emission of two tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere in one year and may be located in small installations such as irrigation systems public parks or drive pumps, as the system installed on Caldetas vertical wind to power the extraction pump the accumulated water at the mouth of the stream, and even private homes, as have other models from 400 wind turbines watts.

It is quieter elements that “in no case exceed 42 decibels” when the maximum allowed by law is 45 db, since the directional blades are designed to “make less noise than the wind itself.” A system according to Ernest Suñé, Councillor for Environment and Landscape Masnou allows us to meet with the mayors signed to reduce C02 emissions “and while” championing the forefront of sustainability and cost savings with an energy project clean. ”

El Masnou is the first city to host the prototype wind-solar as the company is located in the municipality, but according to Ibanez, numerous governments and public entities have expressed interest in new technology. Thus, IGS systems Wind will be seen soon as energy sources for public toilets and areas for relaxing in the lounge areas of the highways that manages the dealership ACESA, pursuant to a request from the European Union to improve the quality road facilities. On another matter, the Andalusia facility studying its autonomous public buildings and new facilities in Linea de la Concepcion (Cadiz), Malaga and Santander.

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