The City of Enguera (Valencia) has announced the approval of a proposed Life + regulation by the European Commission which carried out work to prevent forest fires that will be used to generate biomass energy output. Iberdrola Renovables will participate in the Life + and it can replicate a system similar to that now done in Corduente plant in Guadalajara.

Contribution of forest biomass generated in the prevention of forest fires to the energy strategy of the European Union. This is the name of Life + project funded by the European Commission to start its journey in the last quarter of this year and be completed in 2013. Enguera City Council is led, but with significant participation of another municipality Valencian of Moixent as 20,000 hectares of forest land in both municipalities will be carried out silvicultural work.

In the Life +, which the City Council of Engueraannounced the adoption of, also involved two major actors involved in bioenergy, such as Iberdrola Renovables and the Spanish Association of Biomass Energy Recovery (Avebiom). The membership list is completed by the Generalitat Valenciana and the Association of Municipalities of the Valencian Community Forest.

Three well-ordered stages before producing energy
According to the statement issued by the City of Enguera, the project is divided into three phases. During the first perform a field inventory of all public utility mountains and Moixent Enguera. In the aforementioned area of more than 20,000 hectares of vegetable formations identified. Later, “of each formation will study the amount of biomass that under the principle of sustainability, can be extracted for energy and try to make it compatible with the prevention of forest fires”, point in the press release. The last step is the drafting of the final management of forests for the sustainable exploitation of biomass and that can be used by companies dedicated to energy efficiency.

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