Japanese Kyocera announced last week that production of its new production site for solar cells Yasu in Shiga Prefecture, Japan would start at full throttle.

The new plant, whose construction was completed in March and whose production line has already been tested, becoming the largest production site of the group in Japan and will be dedicated to the production of polycrystalline solar cells with high efficiency. Indeed, the new plant in Yasu uses a sophisticated production line that will come out of a solar cell efficiency of 16.9%, one of the world’s highest for cells produced in large numbers.

In combination with the existing plant Kyocera Shiga Yohkaichi, also in Japan, the new plant should contribute to achieving the annual target of producing 1 GW of solar cells that Kyocera has set for March 2013.

In Japan, the market for solar energy for individuals has grown through the reintroduction of state subsidies for photovoltaic electricity last year, and a doubling of the purchase price of surplus property energy. In the U.S., the required rate of renewable energy (Renewable Portfolio Standard, RPS) are in force in some regions and, with the return of the application, a future market growth is expected. If, on the other hand, the European market earlier high growth rates have been reduced purchasing guaranteed in July in Germany , Kyocera, however, presupposes that countries such as France and Italy will take the baton and help grow the global market for solar energy.

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