9 weeks ago the arrival of Vestas V80 wind turbines of 2 MW each began works to expand the Wigton wind farm installed in 2004, with a capacity of 20.7 MW. The Jamaican government has also announced that wind measurements made at 22 sites that could accommodate new wind farms. The official project is that by 2012, 11% of the electricity is generated from renewable sources.

Wigton expansion project which will reach 18 MW of installed capacity, has an estimated investment of $50 million (37 million euros) and is located in Rose Hill, Manchester, in south central part of the island. It is financed by the Development Fund PetroCaribe.

The wind farm is run by Wigton Wind Farm Limited, a subsidiary of Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), and so far has provided the Public electricity company (JPSCo) about 306 GWh. In that sense, the director of PCJ, Ruth Potopsingh, has assured that the operation of Wigton will save the country $ 2.5 million (1.8 million) a year to buy fossil fuels.

Exploring the wind
Regarding the government announcement of the intention to locate new sites hosting wind farms, it was reported that funding was made through the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which contributed $ 700,000 (517,000 euros).

The process will be pursued in 22 different locations and will take 18 months of study, both in terms of commercial viability and the relation of force of the wind.

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