The central wind farm control system collects and analyzes this data for each wind turbine and make diagnoses. Also remotely manages the wind.

Alstom and the Spanish organization for research and development specializing in energy technology-IK4 Ikerlan using IBM software to develop wind turbine control mechanisms that improve the performance of wind energy systems.

The new wind turbines use a sophisticated control system, electronic sensors are able to obtain information on changes in environmental conditions, such as direction and wind speed, temperature, etc.

The central wind farm control system collects and analyzes this data for each wind turbine and make diagnoses. Also remotely manages the wind and adapts its operation according to variations in environmental conditions, optimize their performance.

“With this technology, IBM aims to help generate Ikerlan Alston and wind systems more intelligent, to obtain optimum performance and sustainability. The contribution of the Rational software enables these companies to reduce costs and development time, which helps optimize the system, “said Antonio Rodriguez, director of IBM Rational Software Spain.

Alstom and Ikerlan-IK4 using IBM software to develop and refine the control system of wind turbines and communication systems between them. In addition to combine it with Gears Software Product Line Lifecycle Framework, BigLever Software company, business partner of IBM, to custom design and adapt to different climatic and geographical conditions in which they operate wind turbines.

Alstom and Ikerlan-IK4 believe that the implementation of IBM software and Big Lever enables them to reduce development costs by up to 25% and development time of each product variation to the tenth.

“The main benefit of using IBM tools you can implement an automated process for the design and development of control systems Alstom. Undoubtedly, this advantage allows us to offer customized solutions that fit seamlessly into the new emerging standards, new markets and customer needs, “said Alfonso Faubel, Vice President of Alstom Wind.

For his part, Salvador Trujillo, chief engineer-IK4 Ikerlan project, notes that “the fact that wind turbines can be customized according to geographical features or adjust according to the environmental changes of the environment adds further complexity to a process software development and hard enough. ”

The use of wind to generate power in a sustainable manner has increasingly more popular worldwide. So much so that wind power grew 31% in 2009 despite the crisis, and it is estimated that by 2020 12% of all global energy will come from this source.

In Europe, the trend is the same. According to the European Wind Energy Association, in 2009 settled in the European Union greater capacity for wind generation than any other electricity generation technology is becoming an important energy source for some countries. In Spain in days ” windy wind energy in 2009 contributed over 40% of the electricity produced in our country.

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