After a second call for proposals organized by National Agency of Electrical Energy (Aneel) to promote renewable energy in Brazil, the Spanish company Iberdrola has been awarded a contract for nine new wind parks, a total installed capacity of 258 MW.

Iberdrola Renovables, in partnership with Neoenergia, committed to provide the electricity from these wind farms to the Brazilian government for a period of 20 years, from January 2013. The annual amount of the contract awarded on August 27 is estimated at 60 million euros.

During the process of bidding between various operators represented is Iberdrola, which has received most of megawatts (MW) out of contracts which included the installation or construction of 50 wind farms (1,520 MW), 5 hydro (101 MW) and plant biomass (64 MW).

With more than 11,400 MW of installed wind energy capacity at the end of the first half of 2010, Iberdrola Renovables already has a wind farm in Brazil, in Rio do Fogo, with a capacity of 49 MW.

This contract should be the first in a list, following a Memorandum of Understanding between Iberdrola Renovables and Neoenergia in which they agree to work together to jointly develop and operate wind farms onshore and offshore Brazil.

Iberdrola Renovables and Neoenergia not exclude also to form a joint venture in 50-50 share.

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