With gas prices continually rising it is not surprising that everyone is looking for alternative fuels. Of course, the most popular hydrogen fuel cells, also known as the kits that run your car on water. What is a hydrogen fuel cell?

A hydrogen fuel cell is a conversion kit that allows you to perform a process of electrolysis of water resulting from hydroxy (which is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen). Hydroxy is very powerful, about three times more powerful than gasoline, and it prevents air and gasoline from mixing up in the combustion chamber.

Although the electrolysis process is not exactly first year science and it is not rocket science either. In simple terms, this process tore two different types of hydrogen (and understand orthohydrogen parahydrogen and oxygen). The orthohydrogen is the most powerful and fast burning gas and two is the major element in the composition Hydroxy. Parahydrogen is less powerful and slower burning, it is used to prevent “Pre-combustion” in the engine.

With the additional hydroxy engine produces more power per cycle with less fuel needed to be burned during this process, which naturally leads to a significant improvement in fuel economy of your car and produces less harmful emissions.

Although it may still be a bit early to speak about cars leaving the assembly line with the hydrogen fuel cell automatically included, there are guides and kits available with instructions on how to create your own Hydrogen fuel cell for your car.

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