After nearly a decade of advocacy and debate, the draft of Cape Wind offshore wind farm of 420 MW, has received approval from the US federal Secretary of The Interior Ken Salazar. The Administration endorsed Obama this formidable project contrastung with the huge oil slick that grows off the American coast in the Gulf of Mexico, where BP’s subsea well control is completely out.

“Wind Cape is the first of many projects coming online along the Atlantic coast in the coming years,” Salazar said during the press conference announcing the above approval. According to the chief executive of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), Christian Kjaer, this new step in the long process of promoting of this project marks the birth of a new phase of offshore wind, the decision is the first step in the transformation from the European market led to a global European companies, “added Kjaer.

The construction of Cape Wind Park is scheduled to start during the second quarter of 2011, ie ten years after it opened the process for handling the project. Salazar emphasize that the approval is conditional on the implementation of a series of amendments to protect environmental and historic environment of Nantucket Sounds site. As reported, Siemens will supply turbines for the Cape Wind project. In total, 130 machines of 3.6 MW capacity.

The Cape Wind farmhad strong opposition of sports lovers in the area, known for its aquatic leisure facilities of high standing, and several Indian tribes, who say they will oppose its implementation. According to local press, two of the tribes that opposed the installation of wind turbines would have rejected a “potential offer” of 2.5 million each to compensate for the damage. Cape Wind is in Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

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