Google has announced it will invest in an underwater power line project in the United States. The network, called Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC), going to demand an investment of $5,000 million and will be able to connect up to six gigawatts (6,000 megawatts) offshore wind power.

Google’s entry into the marine project closely follows his arrival at the farm land, which took place last May, when the software giant acquired stakes in two wind farms in North Dakota with a value of nearly 39 million dollars. Google is now launched into the sea with the regional grid operator, Trans-Elect Development Company, Good Energies and Marubeni Corporation. The multinational Internet says it will acquire a 37.5% stake in the company, becoming the leading capitalist project (along with Good Energies, which takes the same share).

The AWC will be built to link the major offshore wind sites in the Mid-Atlantic. The network will incorporate four main connection points, or nodes, in southern Virginia, Delaware and northern and southern New Jersey. The partners plan to start building the network in 2013. The first phase, a stretch of 263 kilometers, could be implemented to transport energy in 2016. Middle Atlantic offers a wind potential of 60,000 MW in shallow water in a range of between 17 and 26 kilometers off the coast, facilitating the implementation of wind turbines, according to Google.

According to the director of Google’s business operations, Rick Needham, “we believe in investing in business and meaningful projects that advance renewable energy development, and we are willing to take calculated risks in the early phase of the ideas and projects that can produce an enormous impact while providing attractive returns. “

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