After having acquired stakes in two companies specializing in renewable energy (eSolar: concentrator solar AltaRock: geothermal), Google continues to invest in the “GreenBusiness” by making the acquisition of two wind farms (113 turbines) in Dakota North (USA).

“Friday we made our first direct investment in a renewable energy project with the acquisition of two wind farms with a total capacity of 169.5 megawatts (MW), enough electricity to power more than 55,000 homes,” said Rick Needham, the head of Green Business Operations at Google. He added, “through this investment of 38.8 million dollars, we hope to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy.”

According to the internet giant, the wind constantly adjust the angles of different propeller pitch to achieve optimal efficiency. Furthermore, the use of light greater than 15% increases the area swept by previous generations. The advanced control systems for wind farms would also allow remote monitoring 24/7 in order to ensure the maximum utilization of the turbines and thus generate electricity.

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