A photovoltaic solar company has launched a campaign to install there, without charge, 102 photovoltaic panels. The company argues that if the Obama Administration accepts the offer, that will not only be setting an example in his preaching about the benefits of renewable energy, but also demonstrate leadership on the issue, in addition to fiscal rigor to ensure that taxpayers are saving 81% of the electricity tariff is also called the First House.

No doubt, the move can be judged as a clever punch line advertising, but it is to have meaning. Not that the White House lacks solar installations, in fact there is already a 9 kW PVs and another thermal that provides hot water and pool complex of the president.

The Sungevity offers no cost system of 17.85 kw, and again according to the company installed in the Californian city of Oakland for 15 years would save carbon emissions equivalent to that of a car that can get more than 2.4 million miles.

In 1979, during the presidency of James Carter, and following the “oil crisis”, on the roof of the residence were installed 32 solar panels. On that occasion, Carter said: “Yet a generation, the solar system may be a curiosity, a museum piece, an example of the road not taken, or may be a small part of one of the greatest adventures ever undertaken by the American people.”

In 1986, as in Ronald Reagan’s turn, that system was dismantled, and some of its panels, after being away for several years, placed on the roof of the cafeteria of a university, a few others ended up on the roof of the Jimmy Carter presidential library.

From their site, Sungevity invites to join everyone who regards this as an offer that cannot be rejected.

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