Sensus Metering solutions, the water and thermal energy specialist, has been selected in Spain to install metering solutions of thermal energy through an environmental project that is unprecedented for public transport.

Produced in cooperation with two Spanish companies (Termoterra and IFTec Geoenergia), this project aims to reuse through a heat pump system energy produced by the trains and its users to heat and cool the docks, offices and commercial spaces of Pacifico station of the Madrid underground system.

Invariably the ground station Pacifico produces heat, resulting from the operation of trains and their braking systems or simply users or the lighting system. Some of this heat is absorbed into the basement, which is naturally raises the ambient temperature and requires cooling of certain areas to maintain a constant temperature, resulting in unnecessary additional expenditure of energy.

To maximize the efficiency of the site, at Pacifico station has been established a system of geothermal heat pumps that can use energy from ground source heat in winter, and as a system to cool the air in summer.

To carry out effectively the exchange of heat, the heat pump is connected to the ground with 32 U-shaped pipes of high density polyethylene, buried about 145 meters below and filled with water without additives.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the project, Sensus has installed eight PolluStat EX heat meters and a PolluTherm flow ultrasonic sensor, which test three heat pumps connected to the pipes in the ground and the secondary heat pump, which provides the cooling power when needed. All these systems have been equipped with the communication module M-Bus for remote reading and recording data in a computer using the software CS Dokom.

The geothermal pump system (GSHP) of Pacifico metro station will have a maximum power of 120 kilowatts to 20 kilowatts for heating and air conditioning. The annual demand is 130 MWh (cooling) and 20.5 MWh (heating).

There are some other projects of this kind in Europe, the most advanced is the Vienna underground. London South Bank University is also studying the feasibility of this project in the London Underground, while the City of New York abandoned the project of the kind.

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